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It is important to understand that the services you request must be covered by your insurance plan.

When to apply for a refund

As a rule, you do not have to apply for reimbursement with an international medical insurance policy - you just go to the clinic and get the right medical care. Financial calculations are undertaken by the insurance company.

But, since the policy of such insurance companies as Cigna, Bupa, Alliance and others, you can contact absolutely any clinic, and some clinics, especially small ones, prefer to receive cash payment directly from the client. In this case, you will need to apply for a refund.

How to apply for a refund

To apply for reimbursement of medical services covered by your policy, you need to:

  • fill in the Claim-form,
  • make a scan of the original doctor’s extract,
  • make a scan of the original treatment bill.

Where to apply for a refund

There are several options:

  • Send the listed documents in electronic form to a special e-mail of the insurance company.
  • Use your personal account. If you have not registered in your account, contact your broker.
  • Contact your broker

What is Claim Forms

Claim Form is a standard refund request form. Each insurance company has its own form. You can download it on the official website of the insurer or get it from your broker.

What to do if your broker did not tell you this information

According to the rules of all international insurance companies, you can change your broker at any time and at no extra cost. To do this, contact our specialists - you will need to fill out only one form.