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Increasingly, large Russian companies provide their employees with an expanded social package, which includes voluntary medical insurance, including international insurance. In Western countries, corporate VHI has long become the norm not only for large organizations, but also for small private enterprises. This should not be surprising, since the international VHI for legal entities allows you to benefit both company employees and management. In addition, comfortable conditions and social security stimulate employees to work more productively, which favorably affects the success of the organization as a whole.

Advantages of international VHI for legal entities:

  • High-quality medical care, which is available anywhere in the world, will help with the occurrence of an insured event to accelerate the recovery of a valuable and irreplaceable employee.
  • The presence in the social package of international VHI makes the company more competitive, which allows attracting experienced professionals with high qualifications, as well as reducing staff turnover.
  • The international policy covers the costs of treatment in all clinics of the world, so your employees will be protected during foreign business trips.
  • Corporate health insurance makes it possible to take advantage of preferential taxation for your company by subtracting the cost of medical insurance from the tax base.
  • Many insurance companies provide a virtual online office service in which you can track all the necessary information about your employees' insurance cases, as well as receive the necessary documentation.

Corporate VHI from world leaders in the field of medical insurance gives your employees a number of the following advantages:

  • Coverage of serious diseases that require long-term and expensive treatment (oncology, diabetes). In most cases, Russian insurance companies offering VHI do not cover such treatment.
  • High level of annual coverage from $ 1 million per year for each insured team member;
  • If necessary, an employee can undergo treatment in foreign clinics that have first-class medical personnel and the best diagnostic equipment.

Today, large international insurance companies such as Bupa , Cigna , Allianz offer the best comprehensive coverage programs for legal entities. Insurance programs have several levels of coverage, so you can choose the best option for each member of your team. Corporate customers are provided with substantial discounts, bonuses and flexible tariffs, which allows to optimize costs. AVC Health experts will help you choose among the many offers that are most beneficial for your company.

The success of any organization depends largely on the dedication of its employees. Caring for the health of your team members is a great opportunity to increase the level of corporate culture and motivate you to more productive activities.