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Compulsory medical insurance (MHI) programs and some voluntary medical insurance (VHI) programs provide for the selection of a particular clinic in which the policy holder will receive medical services. At the moment, in the case of compulsory medical insurance, a citizen has the right to change honey. the institution to which he is assigned no more than once a year (in Moscow no more than 1 month). This approach can create a lot of inconvenience. In addition, there are many other fundamental differences between compulsory medical insurance and voluntary medical insurance.. The absolute advantage of VHI with reference to a specific commercial medical institution is the ability to undergo high-quality treatment in one place and be monitored by trusted specialists. In addition, clinics that work with VHI invest heavily in the development of their medical base. Our experts work with all the leading clinics in Russia and are ready to help you choose an insurance plan that is linked to one of them.

What to do if you want to visit another clinic, counting on coverage? Perhaps you periodically go abroad on business matters, travel a lot to different countries and need medical care anywhere in the world? In any of these cases, international health insurance is the most optimal solution. Such insurance does not attach to any of the clinics, so you can choose any medical institution. You have the right to choose another attending physician, change the medical institution, and go abroad for treatment at any time. Representatives of the insurance company around the clock are ready to tell where it is better to get the necessary help on your issue and where the nearest hospital is. In addition, the cost of a VHI policy tied to one private clinic comparable to the cost of international insurance, which will allow access to high-quality medicine around the world.

By purchasing an international policy, you can seek help at ANY clinic not only in your own country, but also in leading medical institutions around the world. If the holder of the policy chooses one of the partner clinics of the insurance company, then payment for treatment takes place according to direct mutual settlement - you just need to show the policy. This is very convenient, since there is no need to collect payment invoices to provide them to the insurer for reimbursement. For example, BUPA International has over 7,500 partner healthcare facilities worldwide.