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The best you can find in insurance

The modern market offers many health insurance programs. It is sometimes difficult to figure them out on your own and choose between VHI from a local insurer, VHI with reference to a private clinic and international VHI. Specialists at AVC Health have identified features that should be considered when choosing an insurance company and plan.

International medical insurance plans have many advantages when compared with programs from local insurance companies, as well as with voluntary medical insurance linked to a private medical institution , not to mention free compulsory medical insurance. Indeed, the main distinguishing feature of international insurance is the free choice of first-class medical institutions around the world. Large international insurance companies in the state always have Russian-speaking operators who provide all the information in a clear language around the clock. In addition, international programs have a level of coverage that is several times higher than that of local insurance programs. International programs cover the treatment of serious illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes and many others.

An international insurance contract is a voluminous document that contains many terms, for example, “coverage of existing diseases”, “medical exceptions”, “waiting periods”, etc. In this regard, when choosing an insurance company and insurance plan, you should understand the essence of such terms, as well as consider several important factors and criteria, choosing for yourself the appropriate options and degree of coverage.

Financial stability of an insurance company

Of course, the reliability of the insurance organization is the main criterion by which to choose among various options. No matter what profitable programs you are offered, it is strongly recommended that you verify the reliability of the company. Accordingly, pay attention to the credit ratings and financial stability of the insurer. Such information is freely available. It should be understood that the number of world leaders in this industry is small, and all well-known insurance companies have accumulated rich experience around the world. However, not all of these organizations are licensed to provide services in Russia. Therefore, you should make sure in advance of the legality of the organization in the territory of your country.

Annual coverage limit

International medical insurance provides a high level of coverage, which allows you to get high-quality medical care in any unforeseen situation. The insurance limit is set at least $ 1 million per year. Accordingly, choosing even the most expensive medical facilities in any country in the world, you can count on full treatment coverage. Certain insurance companies set limits on certain expensive medical services, such as pregnancy, dentistry or organ transplants. In this regard, you should familiarize yourself with such restrictions in advance in order to possess full information.

Insurance Covered Services

All personal insurance programs include a basic module that covers everything related to hospitalization and stay in a medical institution. This includes basic treatment, diagnosis, emergency surgery. International insurance plans cover the costs of cancer treatment, as well as most often other serious diseases (HIV, diabetes). All other modules are optional and are included in the insurance plan of your choice. The basic program with extended coverage includes outpatient services, which include diagnosis and treatment in the clinic, in the case where there is no need for urgent hospitalization (physiotherapy, osteopathy).

For those who do not want to be limited to the basic level, there are comprehensive insurance programs with a greater degree of coverage. They significantly expand the list of medical services and can cover organ transplantation, treatment by a psychotherapist, rehabilitation after injuries, pregnancy management, childbirth and dentistry. Dental treatment is expensive in many countries of the world, so this option is only possible with a high level of coverage, or as part of corporate insurance . As a rule, international medical insurance as an option provides emergency evacuation to the best medical institution in the region. Such a measure may be necessary if the local clinic is not able to provide the necessary assistance.

Waiting period

As an additional module, many insurance companies provide coverage for the costs of conducting pregnancy and childbirth. However, increasingly this option is included in the standard basic insurance plan, provided that the waiting period is observed, which is usually 10-12 months. This means that the insurance company will cover the costs associated with pregnancy only after 10-12 months after the conclusion of the insurance contract, i.e. at the time of receipt of the policy, its owner should not be pregnant. If you want to have a baby and at the same time want to receive world-class medical care, you must take care of purchasing the policy in advance.

Among other insurance cases that include a waiting period, it is necessary to highlight some types of dentistry.


Exceptions in which the insurance company does not cover costs are the treatment of alcoholism and personal injury. International health insurance programs usually do not cover the treatment of diseases that existed before the contract with the insurance company. Nevertheless, some insurance organizations allow you to include in the coverage of existing diseases, if you inform about them in advance.

Geographic coverage of the insurance policy and partner clinics

Some insurance plans apply to certain regions. Typically, there are the following territorial breakdowns: “worldwide coverage,” “worldwide coverage except the United States,” or “worldwide coverage except North America.” This division is due to the fact that medical care in North America is very expensive. Accordingly, if you do not plan to visit these countries, there is no need to overpay for an extended insurance policy.
International insurance companies have partnerships with many clinics in the world. The larger the list of clinics, the better. Basically, choosing one of the many partner clinics for treatment, payment will occur automatically. There is no need to collect payment documents and fill out additional forms proving the passage of treatment in a particular clinic. For example, BUPA Global has over 7,500 partner clinics worldwide. However, you can seek help at any clinic, even if it is not on the list.

24/7 support

Reliable insurance companies, providing a medical insurance policy, not only pay your treatment bills, but also act as a medical expert. Usually a self-respecting company helps to obtain a visa to the country where it is necessary to undergo treatment, and also assists in finding the right specialist and coordinates the course of treatment. Round-the-clock medical support by phone is provided in the mother tongue of the client, including in Russian.

Policy cost

Among the criteria that affect the cost of an international policy are the following: the state of human health, age, the range of services provided, level of coverage. In Russia and Western Europe, an average price level has been recorded. As mentioned, the cost of such a policy is usually less than the cost of VHI from a local company with reference to an elite clinic. For example, the cost of an international policy is from $ 100 per month. The insurance is valid for 12 months. To extend the action you must pay for the next period.


International companies that provide excellent service and respect each client are truly worthy of your attention. Among the world leaders in this field, several companies stand out - Bupa, Cigna, Allianz. Specialists at AVC Health will help you choose the best insurance policy. Trust your health to professionals!