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Private medicine in a pandemic

The competency and scope of care from Private Clinics in Russia has been brought into sharp focus during this pandemic, as evidenced in the recent, critical article below from the Moscow Times. The range of treatments available in Private Clinics in Russia is under scrutiny. We see continued pressure to expand the size of clinics and...

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Going on a trip to exotic countries, it is easy to forget about some everyday worries. Despite this, do not forget about the much-needed event, like vaccination before the trip. Of course, if you have international medical insurance, there will be much less worries, but not all travelers have it. Below we will talk about what...

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Tax deduction for international VHI

International VHIs provide an opportunity to receive a tax deduction for both legal entities and individuals.

According to the Russian tax legislation (with subparagraph 3, paragraph 1, article 219 of part II of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation), an individual has the right to receive a social tax...

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How to apply for an international VHI

The acquisition of an international medical insurance policy guarantees the provision of high-quality medical services in the best clinics with experienced medical staff and modern equipment around the world.

The process of registration of international VHI is maximally simplified and requires minimal participation on your part. Usually there is no need...

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Difference between VHI and OMI

Today, under the current health care system, every citizen has the right to receive a compulsory medical insurance policy (MHI), which guarantees a minimum set of medical services in state medical institutions. However, the compulsory medical insurance policy is only a basic minimum. With the development of private insurance companies, voluntary health insurance policies (VMI)...

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What is international health insurance?

Undoubtedly, health is the most valuable thing a person has, therefore everyone needs high-quality medical care, regardless of location and circumstances.

International health insurance is an excellent choice for those who want to feel safe in an unforeseen situation anywhere in the world. The main difference between ordinary voluntary insurance and...

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