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The acquisition of an international medical insurance policy guarantees the provision of high-quality medical services in the best clinics with experienced medical staff and modern equipment around the world.

The process of registration of international VHI is maximally simplified and requires minimal participation on your part. Usually there is no need to visit a company representative office and undergo a preliminary medical examination. All the information that is necessary for applying for a policy can be transmitted remotely.

To apply for an international VHI, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire and pay for the insurance premium. As a rule, the questionnaire is a simple document in which passport and contact information (name, passport number, phone, email), physiological data (height, weight), desired level of coverage, coverage area of ​​the insurance coverage should be indicated. Payment for the selected insurance plan can be made by bank transfer or plastic card.

Having processed your package of documents, AVC Heath specialists will provide it to the insurance company. After confirmation of payment, after a certain period of time you will receive the insurance policy itself and a plastic card. The card usually indicates the name of the policy holder, policy number and contact details of the insurance company.

The validity period of any international policy is 12 months. To extend its validity, you do not need to re-fill the questionnaire - just pay the insurance premium for the next period.