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WELBI was founded in 2005 by the largest UK insurer - Aviva plc. Since 2013, the company has been owned by SK BLAGOSOSTOYANIE JSC. Today, the company is one of the five largest insurers against accidents and diseases in Russia.

The company's customers are more than 3 600 000 individuals and more than 600 divisions of international companies in Russia. The WELBI rating agency Expert RA assigned an “Exceptionally High Level of Reliability” A ++. The level of customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) is estimated at +94 on a scale from –100 to +10011.

WELBI is currently one of the leading Russian insurance groups and offers advanced solutions for employers, banks and individuals. WELBI actively cooperates with many banks where more than 3 million people have acquired company policies. WELBI international health insurance policies offer their owners a range of exceptional opportunities.

International Medical Insurance Programs (MMS) are the choice of those who want to get access to world-class medicine anywhere in the world, saving themselves from a number of worries and worries. The main difference between the MMS policy is the ability to get coverage in medical institutions both in the country of residence and abroad. Being the owner of such a policy, you will be sure that the insurance company will cover the costs of treatment, freeing you from financial worries.

Advantages of the WELBI medical policy (in accordance with the chosen insurance program option):

  • insurance cover up to 5 million euros ,
  • planned and emergency inpatient medical care for any diseases, including oncological, cardiovascular, renal failure, etc., using the most advanced techniques and the latest equipment,
  • rehabilitation in the best specialized centers,
  • consultations with a family doctor , highly qualified specialist doctors, a home visit,
  • diagnostic procedures and instrumental examinations, physiotherapy and occupational therapy,
  • maintenance of pregnancy ,
  • dental care and non-surgical vision correction services,
  • emergency.

Payment for treatment according to MMS programs is made automatically if you contact one of the many medical institutions around the world with which the insurance company has partnerships. Accordingly, the client does not need to collect payment documents for the insurance company, confirming the costs of treatment, and you can fully focus on recovery.

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