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The best you can find in insurance

BUPA Global International Health Insurance will allow you and your family to get the best health care wherever you are.

International health insurance is suitable for anyone who wants to get access to world-class medical care, advanced medical technologies, modern methods of treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, as well as highly qualified doctors in various fields of medicine around the world. The insurance program can be selected both individually and for the whole family.

Bupa's WHO program allows you to choose the medical services you need and don’t pay for something you’ll never need.

Modules to choose from in the Bupa Insurance Program

Any personal insurance plan consists of the mandatory module “Inpatient Care (Worldwide Medical Insurance)”. The rest of the modules you include at your own discretion:

  • Inpatient care (Worldwide Medical Insurance) is a required basic module on the basis of which your insurance plan is built. It includes everything related to hospitalization - treatment, diagnosis, surgery, medication, materials, etc. Including, it covers serious diseases requiring long-term expensive treatment (oncology, diabetes, renal dialysis, heart failure, etc.)

All other medical services are optional and may be included in the insurance plan only at your request:

  • Outpatient care (Worldwide Medical Plus) - the program includes specialist consultations, diagnostics and treatment in the clinic when there is no need for hospitalization, for example, physiotherapy or treatment with an osteopath. Some of the medical services included in this program may be provided before or after hospitalization.
  • Medicines (Worldwide Medicines and Equipment) - the program covers the costs of prescription drugs and the rental of medical equipment, such as oxygen devices or wheelchairs. We also offer our unique offer to pay for long-term medications, such as those required to treat a chronic condition such as asthma.
  • Medical Examination (Worldwide Wellbeing) - The program is designed to help you protect and maintain your health. Includes medical examinations that allow you to diagnose at the early stages of various serious diseases, for example, cancer. The program also provides treatment for dental and eye diseases, which will help to maintain your health, since these diseases often underlie such serious medical problems as oral cancer or diabetes.
  • Evacuation (Worldwide Evacuation) - the program is necessary in cases where the local medical facility is unable to provide the necessary assistance. It includes the cost of transportation to the nearest medical facility where you can be provided with the treatment you need. Repatriation, which is also included in this program, provides for the possibility of returning to the country of your permanent residence or origin for treatment in the usual, native environment for you.
  • Coverage in the United States  - this program will allow you to access medical care in the United States if you spend most of your time in other countries, but occasionally come to the United States.
  • Coverage of existing diseases  - you have the opportunity to include in your insurance coverage your existing diseases and conditions before being accepted for insurance.